Hi, my name is Dara and I'm a mommy blogger.

Or I was. I consider myself reformed. But it's pretty much an addiction and I'm going to struggle with it at times.

This is not a mommy blog.

I'm a mom - among other things - and I am finally returning to blogging. So that makes me a mom who blogs. Not a mommy blogger.

I've got nothing against mommy bloggers, honestly. Except for they all seem to be able to afford to go to fancy-ass conferences that I can't. And a lot of them are just product hos. But other than that, some of my best friends are mommy bloggers.

I, however, am not one.

I gave up my last blog for precisely this reason. I'm a mother. And I have opinions on parenting and cute stories about my kids. I write a parenting column for crying out loud.

And that's enough.

Cause I also have opinions on other things: politics, current events, feminism, social justice issues, writing, marketing, the price of milk.... opinions that I would have whether I was a parent or not. Opinions in fact, that before I was a parent I expressed more often and also acted on more often (nothing like risking arrest at a protest when you've got to go home and make mac and cheese).

So, expect to see some of that mommy blogging slip through. But I'm not going to post recipes or crafts. They belong on my old blog. Maybe I'll post them there. Who knows.

BTW: If you're checking out that cool image in my header, I cropped it from a photo I took of the Angel's Corner in St. John's, NL.